Nano Energy and Microengineering for Biological and Wearables Applications

A multidisciplinary team of researchers working on the edge of biology and micro/nanotechnology led by Dr. Murillo at the Microelectronics Institute of Barcelona (IMB-CNM, CSIC)



We are pasionate about science. We love finding common interest among different topics:

Smart materials (triboelectric, piezoelectric and flexoelectric) for Nano energy

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Energy harvesting microdevices for cell stimulation

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A2 (2)
Micro and Nanogenerators for self-powered systems

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The Barcelona Institute of Microelectronics (IMB-CNM), CSIC, is a well-positioned research center in the development of new Micro, Nano Technologies, Components and Systems. This center is a leader in the application of such technologies to solve social challenges and is aligned with the sustainable development objectives.

IMB-CNM research focuses on basic and applied research and development in micro and nanotechnologies, components and systems. Its lines of research include the entire value chain from the components of detection, power, and actuation, signal transmission and its application to the health and well-being of people, help control environmental conditions, and save and improve efficient management of energy.


Dr. Murillo invited to give a talk in the conference TRANSDUCERS 2021!

Prof. ZL Wang invites to Dr. Murillo to serve as Chair at the NENS Conference 2021 in China (Oct 2021)